How To Use A Virtual Assistant Effectively To Grow Your Business

(Why Most People Get It Wrong and How You Can Get It Right...)

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Are you a business owner who

Is ready to scale but not sure where to get the help you need (or how to find the right staff)?

Is not sure whether to hire full-time or part-time... in overseas (and in fact it all seems a bit confusing)?

Is drowning in work and just can't seem to find the time (or headspace) to get someone in to help? (And you're wondering if you even have the time right to teach someone)?

Is not prepared to waste time or money on hiring the wrong staff? (You may have even been there before)...

If any of the above resonate with you, and you want some clarity and some answers, then you're in the right place.

We've made all the mistakes you can imagine (and learnt a LOT) and now we focus on showing other great business owners how to do it right.

We're actually on a mission to make sure you get the RIGHT help for your business ASAP.

This will free up your time and give you the headspace the focus on what you REALLY should be doing to grow your business (and take more time off...)

So come and join us!


To learn how to get the right Virtual Assistant just like Leanne

Get the right support

With a team of 35 Virtual Staff, we know a thing or two about hiring and working with global teams! (and what it takes to do it successfully)

We're passionate about helping business owners get the help they need and deserve to grow their business (and have a great lifestyle).

Engaging the RIGHT staff is a crucial element of your business success. (So don't put it off any longer)

Watch Jerry Penny of Nurture Queen Videos

Mistakes, we've made a few...

We will help you to avoid the same mistakes we’ve made. (Such as expecting a graphic designer to be a coding genius, or not contacting a staff member for a month – yep, you read that right….).

We’ll be sharing real-life examples of what went incredibly well (so you can do the same) and when it went horribly wrong! (so you can avoid the same pitfalls)

We’ll show you how to get the right staff, how to train them well and how to get the best out of your working relationship.

You can start freeing up your time immediately, to make more money, help more people and do the things you want to do to be even more successful, faster!

Meet your facilitators

I am an ideas woman.
You know the type… I throw myself at something, learn everything there is to know, create a system and then walk away leaving others to maintain it.

Having a team of amazing virtual staff allows me to do this on an even BIGGER scale.

I wake up in the morning with my crazy idea (like having an event to show people how to get awesome virtual staff), flick a message to my team and they make it happen!

One of the things that they support me with is my LinkedIn.

I give them my content and then they send me an email once a day with my leads- awesome stuff!

And this just ticks over day in, day out even if I am hanging at the beach.

And the best bit? I can teach you how to do the same. What are you waiting for?

Carmen Williams

I tried getting virtual staff a few times and each time I stuffed it up. I wasn’t hiring the right people, and not being clear on what tasks they could take of my plate. (And it ended up costing me time and money.) 

Fast forward a few years, and I now have a successful and happy team of 10 who do everything for me.

This leaves me free to spend time loving our clients, creating new products and traveling with my kids. (I didn’t get on a plane til I was 20 and my children have already been to 12 countries!)

I look forward to our team meetings every Monday to seeing the team’s smiling faces.

They are responsive, show initiative and really care about supporting us to grow the business.

Knowing that they are there to support me is such a good feeling.

Maureen Pound

Meet Joh, our first VA from the Philippines

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