Facebook is an excellent platform for advertisement. Properly targeted Facebook ads for your eCommerce business can be very helpful.

If you are not operating Facebook ads now, the possibilities are good that you’re missing on a lot of chances to make money.

1. Make Your Business A Brand Entity

It’s a demand to consolidate your social content with your branding product. Do you know what is brand identity precisely, and what’s its significance? Branding is how your products, business, and brand will become popular and recognized by the customers. Once the robust integrity of your brand gets developed, people will quickly start getting noticed. While considering the status that is to create, be careful that it can rebound. For this, a graphic designing agency should hire. Your post should be well enough to make people recognize your brand. Using the above tips may assist you in improving your possibilities of increasing your sales and ROI.

2. Use Posts That Are Not About Selling

Just ensure that the event has a stable relationship with the nature of your business.

If you’re marketing clothes, then perhaps you can host a fashion display. If you’re trading skateboarding accessories, then you could build a shoe contest. Creativity is the title of the game here, and you should have joy figuring out the best way to sell without looking.

Your aim with your eCommerce business is to sell your products, but not all your ads should be about selling. 

Does that sound like a difference? How can this be added in a list of utilizing Facebook ads for eCommerce, then? There’s a useful purpose for it.

People tend to stay away from apparent advertisements because they perceive so much of it online. It can often be overpowering.

Thus, seldom you may just have to post something creative and informational without attempting to influence people about buying your product to obtain them aware of your brand product.

If you are not performing to sell in your advertisement, then what thing you promote there?

One question that you can post about is an event related to your business, product, and brand. You can grow creative about the nature of the reality that you will be developing.

3. Boost Old Post

It is acceptable if you are delaying when it comes to building a new freshly advertising campaign. There is just no method for you to be sure whether it’s going to be victorious. 

While doing business includes taking risks, it can be scary. So if you want to be a small warier or careful than usual, then no one is going to blame you.

That’s why it makes sense just to boost an existing past post. Yes, even this can be a method to use Facebook ads for eCommerce successfully. 

You can use this feature to boost for advertisement. That proves its effectiveness in the past and make it out there repeat. By doing so, you can reduce the risks that you are running.

Using this feature, you choose to promote who already likes your page or to new viewers. Both choices have advantages and problems.

The massive thing about this ad point is that you assured of getting results through it. After all, the past post previously has a track record of achievement.

4. Offer a Discount

You can generate advertisements that highlight the premium offer exactly. If you have a new product, for example, you create an initial discount suggestion for your clients.

You have to ensure that the discount that you promise your customers will not be disadvantageous to your business in the extended period. 

The last point you require is to undermine your own business in exchange for some short term profit.

By practicing the Offers feature on a Facebook advertisement, you can decrease the gap between the premium offer and the original sale where you can lose customers. They don’t even have to transmit Facebook to the support of your offer.

Earlier, a customer clicks on the ad for the offer. They will get a code that they can practice. Now, an extra advantage of this method is that you can prove the number of people who have gained strength in the offer.

This so-called social proof is an excellent method of impressive people that they should grasp your proposal. If others are enjoying the advantages of the suggestion, then why shouldn’t they? 

That’s the mindset that you would like possible customers to have.

 It a must-do step regardless of the type of platform you are using for your ads. But it is also beneficial as one of the methods to utilize Facebook ads for eCommerce. 

People love discounts, and someone who is not actively looking for the product you are selling might end up buying it just because of a discount proposal.

5. Use Video Advertisements When Possible

If you are thinking about other methods of using Facebook ads for eCommerce, you should know that Facebook prioritizes video content.

That means your ads would have more possibilities of ending up in the feed of the best people if you use video. It should be a light bulb flash that designates you in a new but successfully familiar route.

Videos are a lot more engaging than usual. They are not as stupid as other media types. Someone would be extra likely to stop and watch a video than to just seem at pictures of products.

Stats show that the highest Facebook users end up viewing videos on the platform regular.

The way that videos on Facebook have set up is that they play instantly once a user scrolls over them. That catches the attention of users.

And that’s what you want, to detect and then retain their consciousness. That’s the ideal method to utilize Facebook ads for eCommerce if you claim.

Of course, you would have to create assured that you build your video ads correctly. Using these kinds of ads will not automatically mean a more significant ROI for yourself.

Your videos should be formatted correctly. They should showcase your products at work or show the most useful arts. Also, this is our opportunity to be creative with how you grow up with the video.

6. Ensure Utilize Conversion Tracking Pixel for ads tracking

If you are not knowledgeable of what a Conversion Tracking Pixel is and what it can do, then you’re missing out on a numerous appointment. A Conversion Tracking Pixel is a system that applies to track the behavior of those who visit your site.

It allows you to track the number of conversions you receive from your advertising campaign.

Facebook can also use conversion Tracking Pixels to promote campaigns and target the best audience for your ads. In other words, a different fantastic way to use Facebook ads for eCommerce objectives.

Meanwhile, you place Conversion Tracking Pixels on the checkout page. You will able to obtain data about the actions used by customers next clicking your ads. That method, you can measure your ROI more perfectly.

But this step should be considered way ahead before you run your campaign for promotion. 

By doing so, you will provide Facebook enough time to study more about the people who are transforming. Variety of giving them a heads up so that they will recognize those who will turn ahead of time.

7. Run Retargeting Campaigns

You should operate a retargeting campaign. By doing retargeting campaigns, you have the possibility of getting over 25% of those customers to get back.

That might not be as enormous a number as that of those abandoning the carts, but it is still an important one.

You can run retargeting campaigns mutually with coupons, discounts, and other enticing offers.

8. Utilize Multi-Product Advertisements

the multi-product ads will empower you to showcase various products at the equivalent time on Facebook. Utilizing this type of ad can be very useful for several reasons:

  • This type of ad can support boost conversions as the more significant products that a prospective customer can observe, the likelier that the customer will click on an ad.
  • It uses to showcase the various features of a product.
  • It gives more options to customers.

 Here are some more interesting figures from an Adobe study:

  • The CTR(Click Through Rate) grew from 50% up to 300% of brands that used multi-product ads.
  • The CPC(Cost Per Click) decreased by up to 35% because of higher engagement.
  • It resulted in more efficient CPA(Cost Per Acquisition).


These are eight points that you can chase when utilizing Facebook Ads for eCommerce. It helps provide your business a boost. Using these tips will grow your chances of getting more sales and increasing your ROI. 

Just because an initial struggle is unsuccessful, it does not mean that you should leave on Facebook as a place for promoting your business brand. It may get many efforts to find the right formula. That’s why you must acknowledge all of the points and ideas that we posted.

Remember, Facebook is the most comprehensive online platform in the world where you can equate with your market and public. It is worth your money and time to spend on it.

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